Luurnpa Young Stars

Luurnpa is a remote town located in Western Australia.

Wirrimanu Aboriginal Corporation (WAC) operates a large community development employment project (CDEP), provides a wide range of municipal and community services, and owns and operates the community store. WAC plays a central role in delivering essential services to a remote Indigenous community.

WAC has asked me to designs some football jumpers using an Aboriginal style art and a couple of animals that are relevant to Aboriginals (Luurnpa and Desert Goanna).

This project was a real eye opener, to learn about the remote Aboriginal culture and lifestyle and how very unfortunate some of the kids are. Living in remote Western Australia, they enjoy playing footy, but since they are hours away from another town, some of them may never get the chance to play a proper game against another team from another town.

WAC wanted to arrange these jumpers and shorts for the local kids, so they can put the uniform on and feel like they are having a proper game when playing amongst themselves.

This was probably one of the best/most satisfying projects that I’ve worked on, especially at the end of it all, to see how my designs has made such a massive difference in those kid’s lives and the smile it brought to their faces.

Memorable quotes from Jason Roberts – Youth & Community Development officer:

“Really well done Charles, very impressive, the kids are very happy with your designs.”

“The kids were literally screaming when I brought the box out – it’s their first uniform and a very big moment in the life of remote community kids.”